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Spotting cancer early saves lives

Deflate Cancer

Learn more about signs and symptoms of cancer and keeping healthy with a fun, yet informative, tour of a giant inflatable body organ.

Our giant inflatable bowel, breast and lung are on a tour of high streets, shopping centres and other public places across the region. The inflatable body organs allow visitors to learn more about the signs, symptoms and various stages of cancer, as well as tips on keeping healthy and preventing illness.

Deflate Cancer often works with partners such as Bowel Cancer UK and local public health teams for its events.

We look forward to seeing you at a high street near you soon!

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Why spotting cancer early is important

Early diagnosis of cancer can lead to treatment that can save lives. Cancer that’s diagnosed at an early stage, before it has spread is more likely to be treated successfully. Find out more about spotting cancer early here.

Cancer screening saves lives

Taking advantage of regular cancer screening programmes available to you can significantly improve the chances of catching any cancers in their early, and therefore more easily treatable, stages. There are three types of cancer screening for adults in England, breast, bowel and cervical. Find out more here.

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